Laser therapy is a noninvasive option for patients dealing with foot complications who want to explore treatment options other than surgery. Laser therapy helps relieve the pain that comes with having strains, sprains, and issues with inflammation. This therapy has been found especially useful for those who experience chronic complications.

Some foot conditions laser therapy can treat include Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bursitis, diabetic neuropathy, and different forms of arthritic conditions. Those who are experiencing pain due to sporting injuries or wounds may also find relief with this kind of therapy.

Laser therapy is a painless treatment that typically requires a short amount of time to complete, depending on the condition. It not only increases the speed of recovery, but helps improve blood flow and alleviate pain. Improved immune function, as well as improved vascular and metabolic activity, are just some of the benefits of choosing laser therapy as a treatment option.

Consult with our doctors to determine if you’d be a good candidate.

Laser therapy in podiatry offers several benefits: it helps promote tissue healing, reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation, and aids cell regeneration. This non-invasive treatment option is suitable for various foot conditions, providing patients with increased mobility and faster recovery times.

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